Our mission is to empower companies to better communities through research, education and collaboration.

Through our research we educate our clients and members on the trends and best practices in various areas of community involvement. Our network of members is a place for corporate citizenship professionals from both the nonprofit and for profit sectors to share and learn from each other. The research and education together with the collaboration, helps companies create a greater impact, improving communities wherever they operate.


We Empower Companies to Better Their Communities


LBG Research Institute engages in the most advanced research currently being undertaken on such issues as strategic philanthropy, volunteerism, global community involvement, measurement and evaluation, etc.  By sponsoring our research, companies not only help support this vital work, but have the ability to participate in the research and help validate and disseminate the findings and recommendations.




The Institute is dedicated to educating corporate citizenship professionals on the latest research, statistics, social trends and best practices so they can stay at the top  of their field. Professionals can sponsor, participate and access or research, or join virtual and in-person events.


The LBG Research Institute provides unique networking and collaboration opportunities among leaders from the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Institute-sponsored conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as periodic conference calls, afford companies the opportunity to dialogue with their peers, key stakeholders and potential partners.

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