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The LBG Research Institute (LBG) is the only nonprofit organization that is solely devoted to conducting research in the area of community investment.  By joining LBG companies gain a trusted partner that can provide invaluable access to the knowledge, tools and expertise necessary to design, implement, manage and evaluate their national and international community investment programs, policies and initiatives.

Groundbreaking Research: LBG engages in the most advanced research currently being undertaken on such issues as strategic philanthropy, volunteerism, international community involvement, measurement and evaluation, etc.  By joining LBG members not only help support this vital work, but have the ability to participate in the research and help validate and disseminate the findings and recommendations.

Tools, Case Studies and “Best Practices": Members have the ability to access information on community investment trends, statistics and “best practices,” as well as tools, resources, news articles, case studies, publications on various community investment topics.

Access to Institute Knowledge Experts: Members may contact our knowledge experts with questions about specific community relations issues, trends and practices, as well as their own community investment programs. Our staff and volunteers keep abreast of current community investment trends, monitor contemporary social issues and maintain relations with peers throughout the industry. 

Custom-Tailored Benchmarking and Research: Membership in LBG is ideal for companies looking for information on specific companies, industries, communities and/or issues that do not have the time, money or ability to do their own research. 

Unique Networking Opportunities: Being a member of LBG provides unique networking and collaboration opportunities among leaders from the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Institute-sponsored conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as periodic conference calls, afford companies the opportunity to dialogue with their peers, key stakeholders and potential partners.

Visibility and Recognition: Becoming a member of LBG further demonstrates one’s commitment to social responsibility and to being a good corporate citizen.


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