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Recordings of Past Audio Conferences and Webinars:

Strategic Corporate-NGO Partnerships:
Case Studies in Excellence

  Recorded October 6, 2009. CD Available October 14.

A corporation can't just write a check to their chosen NGO and call it a partnership. A true partnership is two organizations, sharing their expertise and resources to achieve a common, measurable goal.
Creating a great partnership takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and maybe even some luck. Find out how some great corporate-NGO partnerships were formed and what makes them win-win in an audio conference from LBG Research Institute, recorded October 6, 2009.  You'll hear from the companies and their nonprofit partners about how they got together, what makes the partnership work, and the results of their joint efforts.
Order today! In one hour you will learn:

•    What makes a partnership successful
•    What to look for in a partner
•    What challenges to expect in the planning process
•    How to begin finding your best partner

Who Should Purchase:

•    Corporate philanthropy professionals
•    Community relations specialists
•    Business development specialists at nonprofits
•    Nonprofit fundraisers
•    Consultants to nonprofits
•    Program managers at both corporations and nonprofits

Featured Speakers:

Fran Laserson, President, The Moody's Foundation
Dr. Sidney Baker, Co-founder, Defeat Autism Now!, a project of the Autism Research Institute
Lupita Reyes, National Program Director, Verizon Foundation
Casey Gwinn, President, National Family Justice Center Alliance
Dr. Linda B. Gornitsky, President, LBG Associates
Donna Devaul, Executive Director, LBG Research Institute (moderator)

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Corporate Philanthropy in Hard Times: Making the Most of What You've Got to Give

Recorded May 13, 2009

"Doing more with less" is easier said than done. Can you really increase your impact while decreasing your grants?

In this one-hour audio conference, you'll hear from corporate community involvement professionals who are trying to make the most of what they have in 2009. They will share with you their strategies for "doing more with less."

This audio conference will consider:

    * Whether companies are changing the way they make their funding decisions
    * The increased importance of measuring the impact of the grants they do make
    * How they plan to partner with their nonprofit grantees
    * How they can leverage company resources when giving budgets are down
    * How they can keep their employees engaged in the community
    * And much more

You'll hear from representatives from EMBARQ, CSX, Timberland and Federal Express who are coping with declining philanthropy budgets. You'll come away with ideas on how to stretch your budget and maximize your impact with what you have.

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Ask the Expert: Everything You Wanted to Know About Measurement and Evaluation But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

Recorded November 21, 2008

Still confused about how to measure the impact of your community involvement programs? Not sure how to “get off the dime” and get one started? Wondering if it will be worth the time and trouble? Then listen to this one hour audio conference with an expert on community involvement measurement and evaluation, Dr. Linda Gornitsky, founder of LBG Research Institute.  Dr. Gornitsky discusses the most commonly asked questions, from “why should I be measuring,” to “what is a best-in-class example of an evaluation.”

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Bootcamp I:  76 Trends Driving Community Involvement

Recorded February 2008

Dr. Linda Gornitsky  discusses the latest research findings on CI activities by top U.S. companies—including AMD, Capital One, Deloitte, Disney, Pfizer, State Farm, Verizon, Toyota, Starbucks and others. You will hear about the “76 Trends Driving CI”  and the best practices in nine critical categories of corporate community involvement.

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Bootcamp II: Global Community Involvement

Recorded February 2008

in-depth examination of the most up-to-date research finding on global community involvement. You will hear tips on to handle the challenges of different cultures, languages, currencies, and regulations when designing a global community involvement program and you will learn about a new paradigm for global CI. C


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