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Pro Bono Today

Pro Bono Today: What’s New,  What’s Working

We know why we do pro bono–to help nonprofits thrive and to develop employee talent. What LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute wanted to know more about was how we do pro bono today.

So we went to the companies with reputations for having solid pro bono programs. We interviewed the company and a nonprofit partner to hear both sides. The result is a 60-page report that reveals all the ways that companies are moving the practice of pro bono forward.

The report covers the trends, practices that address barriers to pro bono for nonprofits, the elements of success, and 10 case studies. 

This report wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors:

Gold: Andeavor, Booz Allen Hamilton, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Silver: Macquarie Group, Target
Bronze: PIMCO

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Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand

Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand: Challenges and Solutions from the Nonprofit Point of  View

While pro bono is the fastest growing employee engagement program, according to CECP’s 2015 Giving in Numbers report, anecdotally it appears that the supply of volunteers is outpacing the demand for their services. If corporations want the promise of pro bono to be fulfilled, it is critical that the companies that supply these volunteers understand why nonprofits don’t take advantage of corporate talent.

LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute went directly to nonprofits to ask them why. With the support of corporate sponsors, including Platinum Lead Sponsor JPMorgan Chase, LBG surveyed nonprofits about their experiences with pro bono volunteers, what the challenges were and the solutions they had found for these challenges.

The study identified five top challenges nonprofits face when taking on a pro bono volunteer and suggests solutions that corporations can employ to help the nonprofit use their volunteers more effectively and guarantee the creation of a successful pro bono program for itself.

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Global Employee Engagement

Global Employee Engagement: Challenges and Solutions

LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute have completed an important research study that does what no previous study on Global Employee Engagement has done–tell you how real companies solved real problems they encountered taking their employee giving and volunteer programs overseas. This 57-page report reveals the three biggest challenges of global engagement and the solutions multinational companies employ to minimize them.

The report is FREE thanks to the generosity of Microsoft Corp.

Global Employee Engagement: Challenges and Solutions was made possible by the generosity of these sponsors:

Gold: Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Moody’s Corporation, Morgan Stanley, VolunteerMatch
Silver: Macquarie Group Ltd., JK Group, UnitedHealth Group
Bronze: Abbott Laboratories, AmeriGives, IBM, McGraw-Hill Financial, RBC, Truist
Sponsors: NVIDIA, Timberland

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Advancing CSR Without a Corporate Responsibility Officer

Top corporate citizenship executives got together to talk about the state of corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship as a profession under the auspices of LBG Research Institute’s Thought Leader Forum. See what they had to say about how companies without CROs can still advance their CSR agenda.

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Workplace Giving Works! Make It Work for You

LBG surveyed more than 50 companies to find out what makes a workplace giving program work.  Work for your employees, work for your company, and work for your community.

Workplace Giving Works! Make It Work for You, from LBG Research Institute and LBG Associates, will guide you in making your workplace giving program top-notch. Find out:

  • The type of workplace giving program that sends participation through the roof
  • If your donor rates are above or below average
  • How companies like yours measure success
  • The importance of listening to your employees
  • What matching workplace gifts can do to results
  • The impact of the economy on workplace giving last year
  • PLUS…a special section on what nonprofits think about workplace giving

Get key statistics, benchmarking data, easy-to-read charts and graphs and exclusive analysis.

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