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Thought Leader Forum

An Invitation-Only Gathering of Leaders in Corporate Citizenship

LBG Research Institute’s Thought Leader Forums bring together senior corporate citizenship strategists for a half-day of enlightening and energizing interchanges.
Each forum will be dedicated to the discussion of a different “big idea” in the area of citizenship and community.

What makes these Thought Leader Forums unique?

They take the conversation out of the transactional and into the theoretical, where real innovation lies. They...

Facilitate critical thinking…challenge the norm…create a safe place for substantive dialogue…form a well-managed brain trust of big thinkers, not just big companies…turn Forum participants into innovators in the profession

Are you a Thought Leader? To be considered for membership, you must be nominated by a current Thought Leader Forum member. Contact the Institute for more information.

Thought Leader Forum Publications (free download):
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